BEAUTIFY: Sad Nails Need Love Too!

        Ugggh..... so my nails are worn all the way back down to stubs again! *poutpout*  Please don't gawk at my painfully short ring-finger nail...ouch!  Sadly, this hand was actually the better looking of the two!  My poor right hand has a band aid on it from a dish washing accident... don't ask, I'm a klutz.  The anxiety of getting a root canal the other week and forgetting to take my vitamins has done a number on my nails (not to mention my bank account too, BOO URNS to dentist bills!!!)  But I decided to try making them pretty again anyway.  Used three coats of my favorite nail color (Whimsical by Revlon) and added tiny silver hearts from the polish my husband bought me for Valentine's day.  They're pretty cute, not quite the best polish job this time around, but it'll have to do because I'm lazy and don't feel like taking it all off to start over!

        In good news though, the nail art bundle I order from Amazon this week should be on its way!  SOON, VERY SOON, I will have 72 new styles, colors, and/or types of glitter and things to put on my nails!!!  I am so excited for this stupid package, it's, well... stupid.  But hey, it's cheap entertainment and it keeps me out of trouble!  (Mostly...)


VSR said...

You make short nails look good. Sorry for all the reasons why your nails were so short. Let me guess, there was a sharp knife in the dish water? Don't be a klutz.Well I can't wait to see what your going to do with your nails when your package arrives. Nothing like new stuff to help the creative juices.

{j} said...

Are you going to comment on everything?! haha I guess I don't HAVE to answer you... ;-P What happened was even stupider than that! I was cleaning the kitchen for a long time that day so my hands were all pruny. I guess this made them too soft? I was wildly scrubbing around and smashed my hand on something which caused it to split!?! I dunno. Wasn't a dire injury, but it hurt!!

VSR said...

Well yeah. That way at least you know SOMEONE is reading what you blog.heh! I do find it interesting and it's public. So there.

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