BEAUTIFY: I Still Always Think of Men When I Hear the Word "Ombré"

        But some of my nails broke so they're starting to look a bit stumpy all around...GRR!!  My fabulous spouse-man bought me this ombré set of five purple polishes just because he got them in at work and he knew I'd like them!  He sent me a pic of all the color choices and said "Pick one."  D'aww, he's so sweet!  I asked if his assistants tease him at work for buying so much nail polish... because really they should.  HAHA!

        This is just a rehash of my Pop Art Girly Freak Out nails but with a better quality photo so you can actually see what's going on:  DOTS GALORE!!  I keep coming back to this style because IT IS SO EASY TO DO.


VSR said...

Only real men can buy nail polish. Yay for your man-spouse! Nice job, great colors. Is ombre a new color. Seems I've just noticed that color from a recent hair color company. I'll have to look that up because it looks purple, the hair commercial didn't show purple but a brownish color. Hmmm. I think of pretty bubbles when I look at your GOOD picture. The dots look really nicely done.

{j} said...

Ombre is basically a fancy word for gradient, so you can apply to any color combo which fades from dark to light. I don't know where the word ombre comes from, only that they try to market it in EVERYTHING! Remember how my hair would bleach to blonde in the summer when it was really long? Damn, was I ahead of the trends! ;-)

VSR said...

I was ahead of you, my hair would do that too. Or was that the year I sprayed my hair with lemon juice. (c;

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