BEAUTIFY: Playing With Glitter or How to Go Cross-Eyed and Love It

        So for the first time in my entire life, I HAVE NAILS!  I've never really been a nail biter, I just tend to pick at them when I'm nervous which causes them to weaken and flake, causing breakage.  But I've been taking my vitamins regularly and learned not to be such a stress-mess!  The results?  I have pretty, adult-looking hands.  Okay, I admit they're still not up to par with what most would consider to be "long" nails, but there is no way I could do anything if I had talons of doom!

There was a woman who worked at my old bank with nails like these.
        Here is my first attempt at artfully placing individual pieces of glitter on my nail polish!  This isn't as [technically] difficult as it may seem, but I only had the patience to do this for two of my nails at the time.  The result was a pretty and not too over-the-top manicure.  I bet this would look really cool with a silver base coat... it would be like a mirror ball effect!  The awesome blog at Polish All the Nails has been a great source of inspiration; I highly recommend checking out some of her amazingly intricate manicures!  Maybe soon I'll be able to do full mermaid nails like hers without going cross-eyed before it's done!  Maybe.


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