BEAUTIFY: Evil Eyes and Awkward Yoga Poses

I've been fascinated by evil eyes for quite some time now; I have a nice collection hanging around my apartment and they flesh out the majority of the bracelet designs I make in my shop.  So it seemed fitting that I added them to my nail designs.

Originally inspired by this design, I took her idea and ran with it to the only place my brain seems to understand:  MORE GLITTER, MORE BLING.  I probably should have used the hole reinforcement stickers technique to get better/straighter painted moons, but... whatever.  Somehow it seemed easier to just paint a big messy half circle across the top of my entire damn finger than to get out the stickers?!?  I know, it doesn't make sense, especially when you consider that I had to spend all that time putting those glitter pieces on "just so".

Lesson learned:  stop being lazy, it usually creates more work for later.

I'll admit it was kind of strange catching these eyes looking at me all week, but I didn't mind too much until that awkward moment during my yoga practice where I close with a linga mudra (see figure #12) and it turned into an uncomfortable staring contest between me and my thumbs...


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