BEAUTIFY: Ninja Turtle nails... but not how you're thinking.

I know I said I learned my lesson about being lazy in the last post, but I was lying.  (From laziness comes... something something, mother of invention... blah blah nachos...)

When my polish starts to chip and I don't feel like busting out the remover or completely redoing them, I'll just paint the tips with some glitter. (Inspired by this style.)  If the polish hasn't peeled off too much, this usually makes them look fresh again with only minimal work.

I had been having reservations about this flat green color all week, and I'm sure my husband will never help me pick a polish color again after my incessant ranting about how I thought this color made my fingers look like stubby ninja turtle hands.

Michelangelo thinks I'm being a dick.

Adding some drippy-looking navy polish with a layer of blue and purple glitter seems to have tricked me into liking it, for now.

It's not a terrible shade of green, really.  But it IS the exact hue that smothered every inch of colorable space in my high school, including my graduation gown, which incited a four-year-long hatred of all things green.  I thought that teenage angst was long gone, but apparently some things don't just disappear like that pair of JNCOs hidden in the depths of your closet for waaaaay longer than you care to admit.


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